What to Expect

At New Beginnings Church, you can expect a Christ-centered community, lively and spirit-filled worship, along with a dynamic children's ministry. Our teachings are strongly focused on the genuine message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, yet are encouraging and applicable to your everyday life. We are a church that applies the example demonstrated by Jesus in the Gospel. Everyone is welcomed at NBC, no matter your background and culture. We will welcome you with open and loving arms.

We strongly believe in offering our members classes to increase their understanding of the word of God and develop as genuine disciples of Jesus Christ. The NBC staff and leadership aspires to train and develop people who:

  • Love God's presence
  • Desire to grow and learn
  • Love generosity
  • Love all people

We are here to serve God's kingdom by helping and serving you and your family's needs. As soon as you approach NBC, you will feel the atmosphere shift as God's spirit ushers you in and are greeted by our leadership. You are walking into a family of God that transcends human barriers of alienation. Join us any Sunday at 10am, we are here to serve!


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New Beginnings Church

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New Beginnings Church

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