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David Soto | Senior Pastor

Pastor David Soto founded New Beginnings Church in March 2005. Together with his loving wife Marisol and two children, Alexis and Isaiah, they answered the charge and have touched the lives of many people in their community bringing the Gospel of God's Grace and Love.

Pastor David graduated from the Spanish Eastern Bible Institute of the Assemblies of God with honors in 2008. He is dynamic and motivational speaker. He teaches and preaches the Word of God with conviction and anointing. Each message brings new light and understanding to the congregation.

Pastor David says, "I cannot wait to see what God is going to do next. This is only the beginning. We have only seen a fraction of what He is going to do.

Marisol Soto | Pastor

Pastor Marisol Soto was called at a very tender age to worship. She was born and raised in a God fearing home and was always encouraged to serve the Lord with her gift of song. For over twenty years she was director of Shield of Faith Music Ministry which was instrumental in preparing her for leadership.

She recorded several Latin Gospel albums and is known for her anointed voice throughout the United States and Latin America. She has the innate ability to captivate audiences and bring them into the presence of God.

Pastor "M" is lot's of fun to be around and is down to earth. The children simply love her and are drawn to her loving and nurturing personality. Her teaching methods encourage children of all ages to express themselves, learn hands-on and become passionate followers of Christ.

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